Stafford 913-2013

"913. Here God helping, Æthelflæd, Lady of Mercians, went with all the Mercians to Tamworth and then built the stronghold there early in the summer, and afterwards, before Lammas, that at Stafford.” (ASC)

July 2013: Celebrating 1100 Years of Stafford

Where the Rivers Meet - Catholme, Staffordshire
Warriors, Warlords and Saints: The Anglo Saxon Kingdom of Mercia - John Hunt

Local News:
Shepherd's Monument Solved - Again!
Shepherd's Monument Shugborough
Abbots Bromley Horn Dance
Barlaston Hoard Declared as Treasure
The Staffordshire Hoard comes to Stafford July - September 2016
The Staffordshire Saxon Statue

Old Oswestry Hillfort under threat
Saxon period butter churn lid found near Stafford
The Mysterious Disappearance of the 9th Legion: A SAMSAS lecture by Dr Richard Fear 17/04/15

Local Groups:
Staffordshire Archaeological and Historical Society 
Stafford and Mid Staffs Archaeological Society 
Staffordshire Heritage Group  

Stafford Heritage Events 2016

Clas Merdin: Tales from the Enchanted Island
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