Tuesday 2 July 2013

Stafford Big Burh Day

A celebration of 1,100 years since Æthelflæd the Lady of the Mercians, daughter of King Alfred the Great, fortified Stafford as a defended settlement, or 'burh'.

Saturday 6 July 2013
Storytelling Parade
From 11am - Stafford Town Centre

Part of the Big Burh Day celebrations will be a colourful 'storytelling' parade where 1,100 years of Stafford's history will be recreated by a Celebration Pageant involving community groups, organisations and businesses parading through the town in elaborate costumes showing off Stafford’s rich heritage.

Stafford Ancient High House
The parade will set off at 11am and wind through Stafford Town Centre, taking approximately 45 minutes to complete.

There is an opportunity for the public to take part in the celebration and help to tell the story of Stafford from the founding of the burh in 913, to last year's Olympic Torch Relay. Two stone plinths will also be unveiled marking Stafford’s 1,100 birthday and Queen Elizabeth II memorable visit in 2006.

Following the Storytelling parade in the morning and afternoon's local music showcase, Stafford's Big Burh Day will finish with a free celebratory music concert in Market Square.

Plan of Stafford in 1610 - John Speede


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