Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Merlin reappears at Tintagel

As part of English Heritage's plan to improve the visitor experience at Tintagel Castle they have designed a new exhibition exploring the history surrounding Tintagel Castle and the legendary King Arthur.

EH have also refurbished the Beach Cafe and from late spring a new trail packed with exploration games and activities planned to help families and children discover the many stories at the castle. In addition a new link bridge will provide better access to the cafe from the shop and visitor centre.

For 2016, a highly imaginative new outdoor interpretation will extend right across the site bringing its history and legends to life telling the story of the Dark Age rulers of Cornwall and how the legends of King Arthur inspired Earl Richard to build his castle on this site.

It will feature interactive exhibits and informative panels as well as a range of striking artworks crafted in bronze and stone as the first part of a project by English Heritage to re-imagine Tintagel's history and legends across the island site. Further works will be revealed later this spring.

From February visitors can see the sleeping face of Merlin carved into the rocks on the beach:

Copyright English Heritage

Merlin's Face revealed at Tintagel Castle - English Heritage 11 February 2016

Vandalism or a work of art? - Cornish Guardian 16 Feb 2016

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  1. Sounds just like what they did to Alderley Edge!

    1. Quite! Whatever next - perhaps EH will commission a Merlin carving on one of the sarsens at Stonehenge?


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