Gildas: The Ending of Roman Britain
Following the television documentary "King Arthur's Round Table Revealed" we explore the claims of the program, notably, was the Battle of Chester an Arthurian event?

The Staffordshire Hoard Battle Site
- - Part One

Recent research has shown that the 'Headless Romans' found in a cemetery in York came the from distant lands of Eastern Europe.


Vikings: Violent Raiders or Extraordinary Explorers?

Vikings: life and legend exhibition

St Brice's Day Massacre or Viking Execution?

 The Viking Art of Navigation
Did the Vikings use sunstones as navigational aids.
Recently isotope analysis has identified 51 decapitated skeletons found in a mass grave in Dorset as Vikings.

Vikings, Monks and Saxon Gold
Updates of news items featured on Clas Merdin including the Dorset Viking mass execution, Glastonbury Abbey Symposium and the Staffordshire Hoard. 

Excavations at a peat bog near the village of Alken on the Jutland peninsula revealed the Danish bog has been harbouring a sinsiter secret for thousands of years.

Clas Merdin: Tales from the Enchanted Island
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